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Groups at Hotel Ærø

Groups are always welcome at Hotel Ærø. We have a selection of attractions to suit every taste.

Among the most interesting attractions on Funen and the islands are the historic castles, the beautiful nature with forest and beach, the Cold War museum on Langeland where the wild horses frolic in the wild and Bagenkop's old fishing environment.

In Svendborg, there will be an opportunity to take a fantastic sailing trip through Svendborgsund to the best-preserved old market town of Ærøskøbing. Here you can visit the Rise brewery for a beer tasting and see their own tobacco garden, where you still roll the cigars on your thigh. If you are interested in seafaring, they have a fantastic seafaring museum in Marstal.

Egeskov Castle by Kværndrup, which is one of Northern Europe's biggest tourist attractions. Odense with HC Andersen's house, its cozy pedestrian street and the fairy tale parade.

Hotel Ærø and Restaurant Ærø seen from the front
the terrace at Restaurant Ærø
bed with pillows and a night lamp

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