Svendborg – South Funen’s captivating capital

Svendborg is a town full of music, culture, galleries, cosy pubs, old streets, picturesque timbered houses, good restaurants, excursion opportunities and a myriad of shops. And precisely due to the good life Svendborg offers, it has become the first town in Denmark to be Cittaslow certified.

Svendborg for all the senses

Svendborg is an ideal destination for anyone interested in gastronomy, art, sailing or something completely different. Each year in June, for instance, you can experience the food market Kulinarisk Sydfyn, or why not just follow the beer, chocolate or wine routes!

Don’t forget to visit some of the many small farm shops nearby. E.g. the small eau de vie distillery, Aqua Vitae Sydfyn, the chocolatier Konnerup and the brewery and dairy Gundestrup – just to name a small selection of South Funen handmade temptations.

If you like biking or walking, we can particularly recommend the Archipelago Trail. A more than 200 km of trails that take you through some of the most beautiful areas in Southern Fyn – and Denmark in general.

Once you have visited Svendborg for the first time it is hard not to want to come back.

Just go to VisitSvendborg if you want to know more about the town.